You Have Never Supported Anyone’s Movie In Your Entire Life- Kobi Rana Jabs Yvonne Nelson

Actor and Director, Kobi Rana has shade Yvonne Nelson about her latest rants concerning poor or low level of support offered by people in the industry.

Kobi took to his official Instagram account to chastise Yvonne for complaining about how discriminatory some industry players are when she also doesn’t support other colleagues.

From the movie producer’s point of view, Yvonne hardly recommend or rally her support behind movies which she played no role or has nothing to do with, thus, he does not understand why the actress is lamenting about support.

Kobi believes that if Yvonne wants a change in the industry then it should begin with her because everyone plays a role in the growth of the industry.

You have never posted or supported anybody’s movie in your entire life. Today, you cry about support. Let us not preach LOVE and practice otherwise. We are ALL involved in making the INDUSTRY strong.” He wrote

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Source: ghnewsbag