You can’t feel disrespected if you’re not a ghostwriter – Eno Barony to Medikal

Eno Barony has called out rapper Medikal for saying she disrespected him in her song- Argument Done’.

‘Argument Done’ was Eno Barony’s response to Sista Afia’s diss track ‘WMT’.

Sister Afia is normally known for singing and not rapping.

In the song,Eno said that Sister Afia, had gotten a ghostwriter from Sowutuom to help her put the rap track together.

She then went on to challenge the alleged ghostwriter masking behind Sister Afia to face her himself.

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With the mention of Sowutuom, many including Medikal had deduced that the self-acclaimed Rap Goddess was not only dissing her rival but him as well.

In a tweet he said as much as he feels disrespected, he does not have time to “waste” on a female rapper, especially one that looks like a “corpse”.

According to Eno, although she made references to a Sowutuom ghostwriter, she was taking a swipe at the one who wrote the song for the singer turned rapper.

In a twitter post, she stated the ghostwriter could or could not be Medikal. She added that he can only take offence if he indeed is the ghostwriter.

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“I have never disrespected you in any way nor for clout chasing…unless you are the ghostwriter you can’t feel disrespected. Understand my lyrics first Mr. Best rapper,” she tweeted.

Responding to his description of her as a corpse, Eno stated that “bro I was born #dead. So #you can’t kill me.”

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