”You can never hit again in life”-Producer Kofi Nkosuo replies popular singers The Angels

The manager of the now-defunct The Angels gospel group, Kofi Nkosuo, has hit back at the girls and slandered them saying they will never rise again due to their attitude.

One of the most memorable child-stars in the early 2000s specifically 2005 was The Angels gospel group known for their hit song “Kae me Awurade”.

The group made up of Linda Asante and Portia Osei has since gone missing in action in the music scene.

The girls in a recent interview with Ghpage’s Abena Gold pinned their over a decade long hibernation on their former manager.

They claimed their ex-manager, Kofi Nkosuo, exploited them and benefitted hugely from their talent while paying them meager amounts no higher than 80 cedis.

Again, The Angels stated that Kofi would buy them Kalyppo and biscuit and expect them to be content with the pennies he would pay them after playing shows.

They asserted that Kofi had confiscated some of the songs they had recorded during their time together for five years and asked them to pay for it before releasing them.

Meanwhile, Kofi Nkosuo has in an interview with Ghpage explained that all these accusations are unfounded.

He was heard saying, “ These girls are naturally ungrateful. I solicited for a scholarship for them both at Dr. Kwaku Oteng’s Angel Educational Complex. Did they tell you that?”

An emotional Kofi added that he helped Linda travel outside the country for shows and also paid for Portia to get into Garden City University where she graduated from and is now a nurse.

Kofi who currently manages Brother Sammy mentioned that The Angels are very disrespectful and showed insubordination on numerous occasions during their time together.

The talent manager and producer affirmed that” If anything, these girls should be grateful to me for promoting their songs well and getting them the recognition they had back then. If it wasn’t for me no one would know The Angels.”

He said, ” They will never rise again. They lack the secret to reviving their career. I have the answer and they need someone like me to direct them. Unfortunately, I am no longer interested. You cannot bite the hand that fed you and succeed.”


On the other hand, Kofi Nkosuo spoke about his business with Brother Sammy and how blessed they both have become since they began working together.