Curvaceous woman thrills ‘thirsty’ gym members with her boxing skills in high heels [Watch]

A very gorgeous curvaceous woman has been spotted in a gym training massively in high heels and shorts.

The woman who was being trained by a gym instructor was seen in a boxing glove and punching the hand pads of the instructor.

Comments gathered from observers under the post which was shared by a user identified as @TerrillCharming suggest that she is training in heels in order to defend herself in case she is attvck while dressed up in heels.

Maybe another reason she’s training in heels is just in case a man tries to attvck her while wearing some….my reasoning

The video, according to the sharer, was taken in Atlanta.

Despite the ‘distractions’, the clip is an awesome one which will be worthy of emulation to other ladies.

Watch video below:

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