Woman ‘faints’ after receiving iPhone gift from siblings [video]

Woman ‘faints’ after receiving iPhone gift from siblings

Ghnewsbag has come across a viral video of a woman who was overcome with excitement and passing out temporarily as a result of receiving an iPhone gift from her siblings at a surprise birthday party.

Ade Emmanuel Ibikunle, the woman’s brother, posted the video on his LinkedIn page and praised his sister.

Ade explained in his post that their older sister deserves this gift because she has been selfless and helpful to him and their other siblings for years.

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In his words: “During my University days, I still recalled when she would make it a point of duty to send me money – no matter how small it was, she was always there for her younger ones.

Even if it was her last cash 😢 In my final year days in the university (UNIBEN), she once sent me her salary. I never knew till I graduated. 😭 😭 😭 😭… I Love you then… Now… Forever. 💝 And I’ll always be proud to call you MY ELDER SISTER 🙌

Video below:

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