Wild video of four senior high school students k!ssing & caressing passionately in classroom hit online

A video of four senior high school students k!ssing passionately in classroom has hit online.

This video together with some other videos which poses questions of sexual morality declination in our Junior and Senior high schools have become rampant on social media platforms.

Some students have even lost their accommodation in their schools whiles others have been suspended indefinitely due to the release of these videos.

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In the video making rounds on social media, two students, a boy and a lady were seen k!ssing passionately and affectionately whiles their colleagues look and cheer them on.

At the same time, two other students were also spotted doing their own thing at the back seat of the class. The lady was spotted lying on the guy in the desk whiles they also kiss.

The name of the school isn’t known yet, same as the students. Some social media users speculate that, the school is not located in Ghana because of the unknown language they are speaking.

But who knows, there are several other languages in Ghana which probably one can not speak or understand them all.

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Others argue that, the school is definitely in Africa and as such poses a threat to us all, that is, our future generation as a continent.

See video below :


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