WHO holds meeting with 70 African herbal medicine experts; agreed on clinical trials of herbal medicines

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has held a virtual meeting with 70 African traditional medicine experts as part of its search for coronavirus cure.

This follows Madagascar’s President, Andry Rajoelina’s critic that UN agency failed to endorse its medicine named Covid Organics (a herbal concoction, which he stated could cure COVID-19 patients) because it is from Africa.

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“If it were a European country which discovered this remedy, there would be no doubts. The problem is that it comes from Africa and they cannot accept a country like Madagascar, one of the poorest in the world but has discovered a formula,” Rajoelina said.

Well, it appears WHO is now ready to hear what Africa can do about the pandemic as the organization confirmed a virtual meeting with African traditional medicine experts.

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“Seventy traditional medicine experts from countries across Africa held a virtual meeting with WHO on the role of traditional medicine in the COVID-19 response. They unanimously agreed that clinical trials must be conducted for all medicines in the region, without exception,” a tweet from the African Region if WHO.

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