When They Say ’Recovered,’ You May Need A Lung Transplant; COVID-19 Is Designed To K!ll

Coronavirus has been declared a deadly virus and many around the world have seen the impact already.

There are tens of thousands of deaths, now reaching nearly half a million. There are also almost 10 million infections already.

Families have lost loved ones from the virus but in recent weeks governments and individuals globally appear to have ignored health protocols meant to stop the spread of the virus.

According to doctors though most people who catch the new coronavirus don’t experience severe symptoms.

In-fact some have no symptoms at all and go on with their lives but COVID-19 can be deadly.

For those who survive the virus after battling it, there is massive damage caused to their lungs.

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Already over 4 million people have been declared to have recovered from the virus globally but apparently for some though they won’t be the same again health-wise.

Emotional tweet about Covid-19 devastation

In an emotional tweet, an American ICU nurse Sherie Antoinette who has seen the impact of the virus on patients first hand just like anywhere else around the world warned people who may be reckless, thinking after-all they can survive the virus.

She wrote “COVID 19 is the worst disease process I’ve ever worked with in my 8 years as an ICU nurse.

When they say “recovered” they don’t tell you that that means you may need a lung transplant. Or that you may come back after d/c with a massive heart attack or stroke bc COVID makes your blood thick as hell.

Or that you may have to be on oxygen for the rest of your life. COVID is designed to kill. It is a highly intelligent virus and it attacks everything. We will run out of resources if we don’t continue to flatten the curve. I’m exhausted.”

Her tweet has since gone viral across the world, letting people rethink the devastation the virus can have on people’s health.

Antoinette’s message has some solid grounding and backed by scientists study of the virus in infected persons.

Previous studies of impact on lungs

In March this year scientists had already said their study showed that some patients who recovered from Coronavirus had reduced lung function.

According to them, when coronavirus affects the lower respiratory tract, most patients infected exhibit a dry cough, shortness of breath or pneumonia.

The Chinese researchers said those who recovered can be left with damaged lungs.

According to the scientists computer tomography showed fluid filled sacs in the lungs of Covid-9 patients.

Researchers in Hong Kong say a small study of 12 patients who were discharged from hospital showed that two or three had reduced lung function.

There are no indications what this might mean for the long-term.

“In some patients, lung function could decline by about 20 to 30% after recovery,” Dr. Owen Tsang Tak-yin, medical director of the Infectious Diseases Centre at Princess Margaret Hospital in Hong Kong said.

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