“We have about 100 employees” – Popular Ghanaian Coffin dancers speak in an interview with Aljazeera

A viral video of a group of well dressed men carrying coffin whiles dancing with it has taken social media by storm.

The men who are describe as pallbearers are of Ghana origin. They work as full time pallbearers according to their interview with Aljazeera.

Social media users have been editing their video by putting it at the end of videos with near death or fatality experience.

This has caused them to trend on social media and as such have gained global attention.

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They leader of the group was interviewed by Aljazeera about their profession.

”In Ghana here you have to be creative to move ahead” Benjamin Aidoo, leader of Nana Otafrigya pallbearing group.

According to them, people hire them a lot and cost will depend on what the client wants them to wear.

In the interview, it was revealed that the group have about 100 employees.

Watch interview below:

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“We have about 100 employees in the business”

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