GRAPHIC FOOTAGE: Young man throws himself off telephone mast and commits suicide over alleged heartbreak [Viewers Discretion]

We are sorry to bring you this terrific news about a young man who was unable to bear a heartbreak and as such has committed suicide.

A very impulsive and całamitous video in our reach shows the moment a young man cłimbed to the top of a very tall and gigantic telephone mast to throw himself off.

We don’t know exactly where the incident took place neither do we know of the reason for the cause of his action.

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However, the source of the video alleged that he carried out the act after a relationship he invested so much time and money failed.

Nonetheless, we strongly advice against suicide as an option. Just know that whatever you may be going through you are not the first person to experience it.

People may have gone through a similar situation and have come out of it; doing great. Talk to someone you confide in and find a way. Never ever think of suicide as an option. Let’s all stay safe.

Video below:

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