Watch: Woman and her daughter go totally nakk3d to preach the word of God in the streets

A woman and her daughter have been spotted preaching the word of God in the streets without putting on any ¢lothing.

From the video we came across, the woman who was holding a Bible with her left arm wrapped around her daughter was heard shouting for people to repent and come to Christ.

According to what we gathered, she went n3kk3d for two reasons; to draw people’s attention so they listen to her message she has for them and to demonstrate that the body is ‘nothing’, for it will be left behind after d£ath.

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At one point, she was spotted putting her hands in her V and putting it back into her mouth, then all those gathered there shouted in disgust.

She then did the same thing again but this time put it in the mouth of her reluctant daughter who was also totally n3kk3d.

At another point, she was even seen ‘k!ss!ng’ her daughter.

In fact, the video is too much that we can’t upload it directly here due to international policies hence…

Click on the image below to watch it on our TELEGRAM platform:

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