Watch: Wizard coming back from dark meeting crash land on roof top after his spiritual fuel ran out

A young man believed to be a ‘wizard’ landed on the roof top of a building at Okpokpor street; in Okpara-Inland in Ethiope-East local government area of Delta State in broad daylight on Saturday; clutching a hundred naira note in his hand.

The man who is identified as Omamuyovwi; is a commercial motor cycle operator well known in the community, and is married with two children; was taken to his family compound at Igberhe street by the vigilante; where he reportedly confessed to being a Wizard and having committed several mysterious atrocities in the area. 

He allegedly confessed that he was being chased by a deity (igberhe juju) from the coven; where he went to fortify his craft when he ran out of fuel and crash landed on the rooftop with one hundred naira in his hand.

Video below:

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