Watch: Wife f!ercely f!ghts husband’s [email protected] side-chic who was admitted at his hospital

Wife f!ercely f!ghts husband’s [email protected] side-chic who was admitted at his (husband’s) hospital.

A wife has been captured f!ercely f!ghting another lady who is presumably the side-chic of her husband in the hospital.

The husband is a nurse who works in the hospital the two were filmed f!ghting cat and dog.

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According to sources, the husband has used his work place as an environment to ch£at on his wife.

He reportedly ‘admit’ the side-chic to the hospital as a sick patient and keeps her in isolation (in a different room) from the rest of the patients which he visit later and they enjoy themselves.

The side-chic would pretend that she is not feeling well and will be admitted or sneaked in to the isolation room by the nurse husband, so that they can meet and have fun.

Unfortunately their cup became full after someone who have been observing them informed the wife of the whole affair and the wife paid them a visit. The results is seen in the video below.

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The husband was not at the scene when the scuffle occurred but he will for sure be served with his part of the beatings.

Video below:

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