Watch: We used to get kalyppo after shows – The Angels narrates their ordeal

The once sought after and youngest gospel music duo, Portia Osei and Linda Asante who forms the Angels have now been reduced to nothing after their manager, Kofi Nkosuo made money out of their restless efforts when they worked with him.

The fantastic young singers in their recent interview on Ghpage TV hosted by Abena Gold recounted their ordeals in the hands of their manager who did nothing good for them rather he exploited their talent.

They said, most of the time, the money given to them after playing a show is nothing to write home about. Their Manager then, Kofi Nkosuo, took the greatest percentage of the remuneration.

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According to the Angels, Kofi Nkosuo used them to make a lot of money for himself while they had no benefits from him.

“He overused us to make his money. We will say it everywhere. From our first to the last album, if we tell you the money we had, you’ll be shocked, So, we ask ourselves that if we were his sisters who were treated this way by someone, would he have taken it cool?”  they told Abena Gold.

“We’re talking out of anger and pain. He’s used us to make his money. He should remember that blessings come from above. God gave us the talent, not Kofi Nkosuo. He’s blocked our chances in many ways”. Hmmm

One of the music duos, stated that after every event they are billed to perform the highest money they got throughout their performances under the management of Kofi Nkosuo was Ghc 50 and at times they are given kalyppo after shows.


In fact, from their narration, the music duo has really suffered. This explains why they went off from the music scene for that long because there was no money to push their career.

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