Watch: Two Female University students fight f!ercely and undr3ss each other over Sugar Daddy

Two Female University students fight f!ercely over Sugar Daddy

In a video going rounds online, two females and their colleagues were spotted fighting fiercely in a compound while people tried their best to separate them.

It is uncertain what may have called for the dramatic fight but a report from indicates that the two are fighting over a sugar daddy.

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According to the report, the two ladies involved in the brawl are students from an undisclosed public university. Though the misunderstanding was between two ladies but one lady had help from her colleagues.

The report further indicated that they are f!ghting over an unkown sponsor. Whatever may be involved seems to be very important to these ladies to the extent that they are willing to undr£ss themselves for it.

Video below:

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In other news, A Sugar Daddy has been spotted in a viral video trying to confiscate a car he bought his younger lover.

The incident occurred at a local garage in Nelspruit, the capital of South Africa’s Mpumalanga Province.

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In the viral video, an older man was seen fighting to get his younger lover out of the car. At one point, the man stood in front of the car as the woman tried to drive away.

After he refused to move, she finally budged and opened up the door to speak to the man who then proceeded to pull her out of the…continue

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