Watch: Teenage Boys Who Murd3red Their 10-Year-Old Friend For Money R!tuals In Kasoa Explain How It All Happened

Two teenage boys who allegedly k!lled their 10-year-old friend in Kasoa for money r!tuals have finally explained how it happened.

I say allegedly because they are minors and until they are proven guilty, they are innocent.

Although it seems obvious that they conspired to k!ll their young friend for r!tuals, it has not been established yet since one of the accused is still denying his involvement.

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Nevertheless, in the new video that has just surfaced, one of the teenage boys who has decided to tell it all has somehow confessed to the k!lling; blaming his partner entirely.

Also from the video, the lad in the black attire confessed to the k!lling but kept blaming the other mate who kept denying his involvement.

Watch video below:

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