Watch: Crowd cheer Sugar Daddy on as he seizes car he bought for girlfriend in public after she cheated on him

A Sugar Daddy has been spotted in a viral video trying to confiscate a car he bought his younger lover.

The incident occurred at a local garage in Nelspruit, the capital of South Africa’s Mpumalanga Province.

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In the viral video, an older man was seen fighting to get his younger lover out of the car. At one point, the man stood in front of the car as the woman tried to drive away.

After he refused to move, she finally budged and opened up the door to speak to the man who then proceeded to pull her out of the car as a crowd that gathered cheered him on.

Watch the video below:

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Meanwhile, South African man who happens to be a business mogul has reportedly demolished a house he built and furnished for his girlfriend after she ended their relationship.

A South African radio personality shared footage showing the demolition process.

According to her, the sugar daddy had built and furnished the house in the woman’s name so he couldn’t take it back after the break up.

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Legally he has no claims over the building since he registered everything in the lady’s name due …continue