Watch: SHS 1 girls captured tw3rking wildly to Jay Bahd’s Condemn song in new viral video

Some SHS girls have been captured in new video tw3rking wildly to Jay Bahd’s condemn.

Has recent immorality in our Senior High schools increased or it has always been like that? Just that it wasn’t being captured due to lack of phones back in the days?

Because not long ago Ghnewsbag reported that some display of affections by girls in Adventist senior high school among themselves.

Some of the girls were spotted tw3rking, grinding and sharing a k!ss in front of everyone while a colleague filmed them (Read here).

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In that same institution, some of the boys were deboardenized after they stole their senior house master’s goat and prepared pepper soup for themselves (Read here).

Well, there is another controversial video making rounds online, where two SHS girls were captured t₩3rking wildly.

The girls who appear ‘shy’ were spotted taking turns in shak!ng their ‘goods’ to the camera.

Watch video below:

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