Watch: Sakawa guy goes mad after failing to meet mallam’s demands after his girlfriend’s lavish birthday ceremony

A young man alleged to be a sakawa boy who showered love waters on his girlfriend in a lavish ceremony has gone mad after he allegedly failed to meet demands.

It can be described as youth of today want to live some flamboyant lifestyle but some don’t want to work hard for it. Some want to use the fastest and ‘easiest’ route to make money and by doing so they fail to think about the consequences.

Well, a young man who went viral some months back after proposing to his girlfriend in a colourful birthday ceremony has run mad after he allegedly failed to perform some sacrifices to his spiritual masters or gods.

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According to sources, he was supposed to use the said girlfriend for the sacrifice but was reluctant about it because he thought the girl took a lot of risk by leaving her ex-boyfriend to be with him.

The whereabouts of the lady is unknown but below is the video of the outcome. THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU VISIT BENIN…

videos below;

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