Watch: Sakawa boy who allegedly went mad after returning from Benin finally speaks to explain what really happened

News went rife on social media that a popular Sakawa boy who is also alleged to be a member of the AMG business crew, named Star Boy has gone mad after returning from Benin and refusing to eat used [email protected] pads as instructed by the juju man.

A video to this effect surfaced on the internet. As captured in the video, the young man was seen cruising in one of his latest of cars upon his return from the juju hub of African, Benin.

In a flash, he was seen in tattered clothes looking insane. Thus he completely went mad in the streets. Those around at that time as seen in the video were worried at the sudden turn of events in his life.

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Netizens following the unfortunate incident waded into the issue. ‘It serves him right’ were the words from the majority of the netizens who seemed to have had the opportunity to watch the video.

Well, the world is full of surprises!. The Sakawa boy who allegedly went mad after returning from Benin has finally spoken.

Speaking in an interview with Kobby Kyei, the ‘Sakawa boy’ said the video that went viral was planned. According to him, it was to promote his upcoming music video. “Ah, wey hype this?”

Star Boy who is also called Wear Shades in the music scene, explained that he did that for the hype and also to preach to all about life, adding that anyone can be reduced to zero unexpectedly.

Narrating how he got the idea to pull that fast one, Star Boy told Kobby Kyei in the interview that he had closed his shop one day ready to go home and unawares some kids rushed to him asking him for a toffee.

According to him, he resisted because he had closed his shop ready to go home, therefore, can’t open and close the shop again, it’s a waste of time.

But the kids kept on pressuring him to open the shop and give them the toffees they requested from him. He acquiesced, opened the shop and gave them the toffees.

To his utmost shock, he saw one big man seemingly insane clad in ragged clothes also asking him for toffees. He gave it out to him but questioned him why he’s looking so deranged?.

The reply from that deranged man hit him so hard that even when he got home it kept on ringing in his ears. His reply was ‘It’s a long story’.

Star Boy added since he’s into music he had to asap create something with the unhinged man’s reply and appearance hence the making of the viral mad video to draw attention to his piece.


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