Watch: Nigerian Christians spotted praying for Joe Biden’s votes to be awarded to Trump

A video is currently making rounds online, showing the moment a yet-to-be identified pastor together with his congregation were praying for US President-elect, Joe Biden’s votes to be overturned in Donald Trump’s favour.

The ‘Church’ look so keen on winning the election spiritually for Trump that they are praying the ‘ballots’ will be overturned in the Republican’s favour.

However, the prayer session has received some condemnation from netizens.

Read some of the reactions below;

First of all, we don’t use thumb printing to vote in the USA. Second of all, nobody named “Beedin” was on the ballot. His name is Biden (pronounced as “Baidin”). Finally, the asking their god to commit election fraud. Finally, they need to be at “aro” immediately.

Is this the kind prayer they deploy for Nigeria politicians. This can’t be God! It’s a waste of time. God doesn’t pay attention to such! The true God is a God of justice. I pity Blackman.

Instead of them to pray make the angels build their church for them they are praying for Angels to go and do election fraud?

I was hoping to see about 50million population crusade in the video..Not knowing it was just some comedians but you have to drag the whole Christianity into it..

Watch the video below:

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