Watch: “My legs spread out so fast especially when I see a car key” – Lady tells

According to the lady, her legs spread out very fast when she sees a very rich guy who has a car of his own. She said she has no dealings with poor guys and a single look at a car key will definitely turn her on.

Speaking further, she expressed her desire to finally meet the man of her dreams and tie the knot with him.

“My legs, they spread out so fast, especially when I see a car key. I hope I’m going to find that man”, she said.

Read people’s comments and reactions after the video was shared online

Anselm Iziogo: The best way to confuse these useless and poverty-stricken ladies as a young rich man is to dress like a beggar. I bet you, non of them will either greet you or even respond to your greeting. Daughters of Eve!!!

Allen Ohas: This is so sad how our young girls degraded and devalued themselves because of material things, just like our african legend akon warns, no need to cherish luxury cos everything come and go, but our young girls are not only cherishing luxury but can give their life willingly just to cherish luxury

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Kazeem Adejoke: You are playing with yur life. Many ladies are dying secretly every seconds cos of something that has no single value. That’s why they were used for money ritual.

Echezona David: End time woman
HIV pread out so fast when it sees mumu like you that don’t know dust bin trucks also have keys not to talk of borrowed car🤧

Sam Peters: Ur own bete sef some d spread dia legs on bottle of bear n indomie at least u have a choice not everyone can aford ur price.

Young Prof Ayo: The only reason why i don’t like what this lady said is because; it is just another way of telling the world that you are from a poverty stricken family. I doubt that ladies from a Rich family can spread legs just for car keys.

Why is she disgracing her family?

Nelson Chukwuma: She’s actually saying the obvious truth. all this girls na so all of them be, so don’t come here and be pretending. How many broke men have you dated when he ask you out without searching for his car keys?

Roza Dynomaite: Some will carry toilet keys on there finger when entering shoprites you will think they came with car, na so Amaka carry belle

Joseph Roland: What if you see a private jet, your legs will open wide for free entry into the gate of hell…

Video below:

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