Watch: Man collapses after being gr!nded hard by slay queen on stage

Man collapses after being gr!nded hard by slay queen on stage

A man was left unresponsive and helpless on stage after allowing a str!pper to grind him hard during a live performance on stage.

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The yet-to-be identified man who was a fan decided to match the str!pper to see who is the baddest.

He volunteered for the str!pper to tw3rk on him on stage after the lady threw a challenge, that if there is anyone who can compete or withstand her tw3rking skills.

In the video, the str!pper was captured lifting her ‘behind’ and landing on several parts of the man’s body including his head on several occasions as he lays on the stage ‘enjoying’ the moment.

After the energetic performance, the volunteer was seen laying on the stage unresponsive and helpless, the security rushed to his aide after they realized what was going on.

Watch video below:

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In other news, In a video going viral, an over excited [email protected] was spotted dancing happily at a n!ght club without taking into account the dr£ss she is w£aring.

From her behaviour, she cared less about what she is w£aring to the extent that she was jumping to show her ‘goods’ in the t!ght 0utfit.

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We don’t know if she was drünkk, she was h!gh or it’s just her…continue