Watch: Iris Kaingu’s Sister, Lungowe Kaingu’s $£xtap£ hit online

What better way to get noticed than to make a $£xtap£? Seems Lungowe Kaingu is following in her sister’s footsteps with this new video that has been doing rounds on social media.

Iris, Zambian socialite shot into fame after she was spotted in similar nūd£ video. Some described her $£xtap£ as a gift and a curse at the same time.

Well, it appears her younger sister is following her big sister’s footsteps as she is spotted in a similar nūd£ video.

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Once upon a time…..

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From what we can see, she is aware of what she is doing and it seems like she intended for the [email protected]£ to be seen by all of us. Kaingu family is surely out to give us some entertainment in this Coronavirus period.

Some people think it’s not Iris Kaingu’s sister, some feel she just looks like her. Watch the video and make your own decision as to who you think this person is.

Due to the nature of the video, we cannot show it here but you can CLICK HERE to watch and draw your conclusions.

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