Watch: “If I win I will sack all Jehovah Witness students from school and make it free for the remaining students”- Akua Donkor

Presidential aspirant and flag bearer for Ghana Freedom Party, Madam Akua Donkor says she will make school free after sacking all Jehovah Witness students. [Although she didn’t state specifically the level that will be free, whether tertiary or ‘pre-tertiary‘]

According to Akua Donkor, Jehovah witnesses don’t deserve to be in school because they don’t vote. So her question is, who should vote for them to come and enjoy the benefits?.

She sees that as unfair, for them not taking part in decision making but wants to benefits from the policies of the elected after non-Jehovah Witness have voted for their leaders.

Speaking further on the matter, Madam Akua Donkor expressed during a presidential debate that, she will further sack every Jehovah Witness in governance after sacking their kids from schools and her reason remains same for that action too; ‘who should vote for you to enjoy?‘

Watch video below:

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