Watch: ‘I wanted to be a famous footballer’- 25-year-old University student goes ‘[email protected]’ after using 7-year-old girl for [email protected]

25-year-old University student goes ‘[email protected]’ after using 7-year-old girl for money [email protected]

A Ghanaian man in his middle 20s is gradually ‘losing’ it after involving himself in a sp!ritual affair.

The young man who narrates his sad story on Kumasi based Nhyira FM revealed that he sees $cary images and silhouettes when when he sleeps or sometimes even when he is awake and it makes him run away, making it look like he’s [email protected]

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He revealed that all these started when he got himself involved in 0ccüłt!sm in senior high school.

Narrating his story, he disclosed that he was a footballer back in SHS and he wanted to be famous for that so he went to a [email protected] for assiatance but it didn’t work so together with other colleagues they went to look for 0ccûlt book and begun their own journey.

The one who was leading their group led them through some [email protected] and he was able to score three goals in a game which made him famous indeed and that made he more interested in the act, he then deepened his ‘faith‘.

Continuing with his story, he disclosed that some illegal miners (galamsey) contacted them for assistance which they consulted their g0ds but the sp!rit that came said it will only grant their wishes if they could sacr!fice a ch!ld.

So they went to a nearby village and [email protected] a 7-year-old girl for the r!tual.

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Though he’s not in the act again but what he did has been [email protected] him, making him ‘[email protected]’.

It is in pursuit of a solution to his ‘[email protected]‘ that led him to Nhyira FM where he’s narrating his story, to the sh0ck of his parents who sat in dsbelieve.

Watch video below:

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