Watch: I get my inspiration from listening to Bob Marley’s songs – Diana Asamoah

Evangelist Diana Asamoah has revealed she likes listening to Reggae legend, Bob Marley for inspiration in recording her songs.

According to Diana Asamoah, she loves to listen to Bob Marley’s songs because his songs are full of wisdom and better than most of the gospel songs she’s been hearing lately.

Speaking to Fiifi Prat at Kingdom Plus 101.9 FM’s #Afrojoint Diana Asamoah explained that considering the magnitude of wise words loaded in Marley’s songs, she mainly listens to learn wisdom from it.

Adding that the reggae music genre is full of wisdom. Compared to some gospel songs that are played in recent times, its the best.

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She indicated that a good number of gospel musicians have swayed from the agenda of winning souls for God by following the crowd in their quest to be popular.

She said the latest set of Gospel songs are nothing to write home about because most of the gospel singers want to get hit songs and become popular by all means.


Diana Asamoah advised Gospel singers to take their time in writing good songs instead of chasing useless popularity.

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