Watch: I am tired of watching P0rn, I need a man- Lady cries out for help

I am tired of watching P0rn, I need a man- Lady cries out for help.

A beautiful young lady has cried out uncontrollably that she is fed up of always being on popular p0rn0graph!c website ‘P0rnhub’ and that she needs a man she can tag as her own.

To help with her s3xual desires, the yet-to-be identified lady who is now in distress has disclosed that she is always on the p0rn0graph!c website watching exp!c!t videos.

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It appears she is very much fed-up being a slave to the website as she disclosed that she shouldn’t be sharing this in public but she can’t help it.

She’s making a passionate appeal to the public to come to her aid, especially men.

Watch video below:

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In other news, Lady films herself pushing up her short dress to show off her thighs to tempt pastor in Church

We know pastors face a lot of temptations in Church, both physical and spiritual attacks to bring them down.

Most of these temptations come from ladies. Since most men are moved by sight, some ladies tend to reveal parts of their sensitive areas to lure some men of God.

Some ladies ignorantly tend to tempt their pastors while some also intentionally dress provocatively to church just to tempt their pastors just like the yet-to-be identified lady in this story.

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In the video we came across, the lady was spotted slowly pulling up her dress which already appear short, to reveal more of her…continue