Watch: H0rñy couple caught r£d-handed ch0pp!ng themselves in bush

H0rñy couple caught red-handed ch0pp!ng themselves in bush

A couple who couldn’t wait to get to their home have been caught red-handed trying to have a b!t of themselves in a bush.

The yet-to-be identified couple in a trendy video were spotted [email protected] down in a bush doing what pleases them.

The environment didn’t look like a forest or a nonresidential area since there were buildings and cars moving about, meaning they were in town and could have opt for room but decided to do it in a bush.

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We don’t know what informed their decision or how h0rny they were to the extent that they couldn’t get to the house before doing it, but whatever caused this immorality, we pray we see less of it.

Due to the nature of the video we can’t upload it directly here. So click on the link below to watch.


In other stories, a lady has been admitted to a hospital after perming her pub!c hair and allowing it soften overnight.

The yet-to-be-identified lady broke the news to social media users by recording herself.

In the video sighted by Ghnewsbag on social media, the lady was seen crying because she was in pain.

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According to her, she woke up to see her [email protected]“on fire” after applying the hair cream….continue