Watch: Drama as angry mother catches her teenage daughter in hotel room with a man

Girls of today I will say are difficult to control as the peer pressure in the society continue to soar higher and higher.

They want to live the life of a celebrity meanwhile they still live with their parents who feed them.

Most of them then tend to ‘transact’ filthy businesses oblivious to their guardians. Some of these dirty businesses include sleeping with old men (who sometimes may qualify to be their grandpa) for money.

Well, not all of them are successful with their adventures, like the teenage girl in this story.

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A video which has gone viral on social media, captured moment a Nigerian mother disgraced her daughter after catching her in a hotel room with a man. 

The angry mother who spoke Yoruba, was seen dragging her daughter out of the facility while hitting her intermittently. Where the incident occurred is still unclear at the time of filing this report. 

Video below:

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