Watch: Do not Entertain Your Ex, Let Your Ex Be Your Ex – Counselor Charlotte Oduro

Relationship and marriage counselor, Counselor Charlotte Oduro, has given out warning to guys and girls about their exes.

The topic of Being friends with your ex is one topic that is most talked about in relationships with some believing there’s nothing wrong being friends with your ex whereas some think it’s dangerous to be friends with your ex.

Some are of the view, being friends with your ex is only going to create problems for you but some also defend it by saying one should be disciplined and know an ex is an ex though they can be friends.

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According to Counselor Charlotte Oduro, this is dangerous and shouldn’t be encouraged at all. She said being friends with your ex is going to bring you problems in your current relationship.

Your ex is your past, and if you wanted to stay with them you would have, but you left them and moved on to another relationship so let them be in your past, she added.

Video below:

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