Watch: Busted thief demonstrates how they steal people’s phones from their phones rooms at nights

Busted thief demonstrate how they steal people’s phones in their rooms

The saying that ‘everyday is for the thief and one day for the master’ has swing into full effect after a thief was caught and was made to reveal his secret of how he manage to steal phones.

The young man whose cup is now full was rounded up by ‘area men’ after several people in the area pointed fingers at him for being the person behind some missing items in the neighborhood.

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The men then gave him an option to demonstrate to them how he manages to steal the phones from people’s rooms or they will beat him to severely.

He then went ahead to reveal his secret by demonstrate step by step process of how he pulls off his operations.

Stunned observers couldn’t hide their surprise faces as they shout in ‘disbelief‘.

Watch the demonstration video below:

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Meanwhile, Two Nigerians men have been charged to court for scamming a 63-year-old woman Texas woman.

The woman was duped out of $100,000 after she believed she was dating American singer, Bruno Mars.

Alleged fraudster Chinwendu Azuonwu, 39, a Nigerian national and permanent resident of Houston, appeared in court on Tuesday, Feb 9, accused of impersonating Mars on Instagram as part of the scam to deceive the victim out of her savings.

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Azuonwu, charged with third-degree felony money laundering, was taken into custody this week, KPRC-TV reported.

In court documents, his co-conspirator was identified as Basil Amadi, 29, also a Nigerian national.

The victim, a resident of North Richland Hills, Texas, told police that in 2018 she created a profile on Instagram “in search of companionship.”

She then made contact online with someone claiming to be Bruno Mars. During these interactions on Instagram and…continue