Watch: Bride made to wait while Groom goes to fix client’s DSTV on their wedding day

Wedding days are special days especially to the groom and the bride. It is a day that is possibly not going to happen between the same couple again and as such is treated with all specialty.

Well, that seems to be a little different in the story of one groom identified as Mr Effum-Atteh who is now making rounds on social media due to his dedication for his work.

According to our sources, the groom who got married over the weekend had to stop by a client’s house to fix his satellite dish before going to the church premises to continue the ceremony.

The client’s call came just before Mr Effum-Atteh was ready for his special occasion but he couldn’t let the client down for personal reasons.

Mr Effum-Atteh have won the hearts of many netizens for his dedication towards his work, not letting the ‘little monies‘ pass his pocket.

The incident is said to have occurred at Cape Coast in the central region, Ghana.

video below:

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