Watch: Ants attack slay queen while shooting nüde video in the bush

A slay queen had more than she bargained for after she was attacked by soldier ants while shooting expl!c!t content in the forest.

The slay queen who is a citizen of Mombasa, Kenya, is a popular lady you can’t skip on dating sites, ‘sells flesh and skin’ to satisfy s3x starved inclined men.

All was good when she started what appears to be a routine shoot until her party got scattered by ants who were also interested in the skin she’s showing. Lol.

She had to bolt to a safer place when the ants started ‘serving themselves with her flesh’.

The video which is widely shared online has left many ribs cracking with laughter.

video below:

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In other news, A slay Queen has met her untimely d£ath just a moment after pulling off stunning tw€rking skills.

In a first video shared online, the yet-to-be-identified lady was spotted vigorously shaking her backside in tune to Naira Marley’s ‘Puta’ which was playing at the background.

A guy who was singing along was also observed trying to serve his head on the ‘tundra’ of the late slay queen while others looked and cheered on the duo at where is believed to be a drinking spot.

Sadly, that was the last happy moment of the lady as the next video shared was her corpse.

The once energetic lady was seen lifeless in a p00l of bl00d. The exact means of [email protected] was not explained but according to sources she was [email protected]

She was seen in the same outfit she wore when tw£rking, which indicate…continue reading