Video : Two Ghanaian Lɛsbian couple based in UK celebrates their love on Val’s day in latest video

A viral video of LGBT Ghanaian couple identified as Deelyn and Dorcas who are currently staying in the UK has got many tongues wagging as the duo observe the valentine’s day.

Love is indeed a beautiful thing and finding the right partner to settle down with, is the dream of many people.

For many people across the globe, February 14 was yet another beautiful day and year they got to spend with their loved ones.

Well, Ghanaian UK based LGBT couple were not left out of the moments as they celebrated their love openly on Valentine’s Day.

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Unfortunately the couple has been criticised by Ghanaians living home and abroad about their love affair.

One of the couple identified as Linda Ampadu aka Deelyn talked about how some Ghanaians have chosen to direct their anger towards them over their sexual choice.

Recently, DeeLyn has been raining insults on a man of God who has been preventing them from holding a gay/lesbian related program, apparently, at a venue he has control over in her Facebook live streaming.

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