Video: Taxi driver goes [email protected] after his vehicle was impounded due to the lockdown

In a viral video, a taxi driver undressed himself after his vehicle was impounded by state police.

Per what is gathered the Taxi driver tried to work despite lockdown order from the President.

Police who were on duty seized the vehicle of the man who was desperate to find a living for his family.

According to the anonymous driver, he has children who are starving in the house due to the lockdown.

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As a father, he can’t look on as his kids to starve to death whiles there is a vehicle in the house.

He then decided to work to find some money to feed his family.

“I don’t fear Coronavirus, Hunger-virus is serious than Coronavirus” – he said in pijin language.

The desperate man in protest to the action of the police took off his dress and cried out for his vehicle to be released to him.

The incident is said to have happened in Nigeria.

See video below:


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