Video of [email protected] Queen’s br3ast falling out as she dances at club causes stir online [Watch]

W!ld video of [email protected] Queen’s b000bs falling out as she dances at club causes stir online

In a video going viral, an over excited [email protected] queen was spotted dancing happily at a n!ght club without taking into account the dr£ss she is w£aring.

From her behaviour, she cared less about what she is w£aring to the extent that she was jumping to show her ‘goods’ in the t!ght 0utfit.

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We don’t know if she was drünkk, she was h!gh or it’s just her mood but to dance for her br3a$t to come out is really ‘d!sturbing’.

Interestingly, after her b000bs came 0ut, she just held them with one hand and continued dancing.

Watch video below:

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In other news, Up and coming musician Angiewood goes nãkk£d on Facebook live as she dances to promote her music.

In the video going viral, the lady identified as RSM_Angiewood was spotted in [email protected]ñts and [email protected] dancing pr0v0catively to her music she released some months ago.

Well, Angiewood succeeded in getting the attention as hundreds joined to feed their eyes on her ‘p!e’ which was so obvious.

She later turned to her [email protected]!de to [email protected] it, adding more…continue

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