Video: Nurse caught red-handed trying to sell a newborn baby

A nurse was caught red-handed trying to sell off a newborn baby. An act which is highly frowned upon by society.

According to sources, the nurse works with Mother of Mercy Hospital and Maternity in Okpoko, Nigeria. She was spotted holding the newborn in a cloth, leaving the premises of the hospital where she works.

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Her anxious appearance drew the attention of the people around, who then queried the whereabouts of the mother of the baby.

She told them she is also looking for the mother of the newborn. But her excuse wasn’t enough to convince the inquisitive individuals gathering around her.

To prove that she indeed knows the mother of the newborn; She was asked to call her number or bring another nurse to confirm her story. This action of the people actually landed the nurse in trouble.

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It was later confirmed that the nurse was plotting with someone to sell the child and frame a lie to the original mother that her child died.


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