Nana Ama flaunts her beauty in a new video after dumping Sammy

The incident of Nana Ama a student of KNUST dumping her boyfriend Sammy also of KNUST has taken the internet by storm as it has generate many debate about who is right.

Sammy was unfortunate to be caught by his girlfriend after he cheated on Nana Ama with another lady.

From the look of things, Sammy appears to be suffering the most out of their break up. As he has been noticed begging on several instances.

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These actions all seem not to tickle Nana Ama who has turned deaf ears to her Ex’s plea.

To make matters worst she has even shared a video of herself enjoying her day without troubles.

In the one-man video we came across, Nana Ama was noticed flaunting her beauty in a selfie mode.

Things seems a little different with her as she cares less about what is going on.

Check Out video below: