Video: Married woman busted with another man in her matrimonial home

Marriage is supposed to be built on trust and love but that facts seems to be declining as cheating takes over as the order of the day.

Almost everyone can be caught up in this mess ranging from Pastors to members, lawyers, teachers Etc.

Men are usually those who are known to cheat in marriage, although some women do.

With that being said, one exceptional case of a married woman has hit the internet.

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In a video we came across, a married woman is caught up in a web of troubles as she was busted with another man at nowhere than her matrimonial home.

In the video, the distress woman was spotted trying to prevent the man she was caught with from being harassed.

The man who claims he was blameless and didn’t do anything wrong was hold up on the trousers by the real husband of the lady.

See video below:

Well, we hope things get settled peacefully.