Video: Lady who was dumped by boyfriend allegedly goes mad; walk in street totally [email protected]

Despite the ongoing pandemic, life still goes on and so does relationships but it appears people are using the social distancing and lockdown to express their bottled up ideas and that has brought another broken heart issue to our social media platforms.

One lady identified as Abena was captured weeping uncontrollably after her boyfriend dumped her.

In the viral video, the lady was captured weeping on a phone call whiles a female voice behind the camera was trying to console her.

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“Abena, Let him go” the unknown voice was heard uttering whiles Abena tried convincing her boyfriend on the phone.

Well after her broken heart, another video has emerged where the alledged broken-hearted Abena was spotted walking nakked.

It is alleged she has gone mad, making her to walk butt-nakked in the street.

See video below:

DISCLAIMER: We can’t confirm if that is indeed Abena despite some similarities in her appearance to the previous video where she was weeping.


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