Video: Kennedy Agyapong almost killed at his mansion in Tema

The Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong was attacked by gunmen at his mansion in Tema Community 12.

This incident happened on Tuesday night, 31 March, 2020.

In recent times, Kennedy Agyapong has been involved with some squabbles with Bishop Daniel Obinim on his show on Net2 Tv.

As we all know Ken, he is a blunt person and discloses almost everything during his interviews.

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We believe these gunmen were able to locate his mansion when he disclosed on his show on Net2 Tv in the recent Bishop Obinim case.

After which he added that he’s not afraid of anyone in the world except God during the interview.

According to the narrator ( the voice behind the video), the two men wanted to murder Ken the same way J.B. Dankwah was murdered by getting their way into his bedroom.

On the suspects arrival, they were met by Ken’s nephew who also works at Net2 Tv.

His nephew met them on hearing unusual footsteps he assumed were his co-worker’s.

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The gunmen then coerced him with a knife to lead them to Ken’s bedroom.

However, he outwitted them and locked them in a room and screamed for help.

Nevertheless, the men managed to escape by breaking a window glass in the room.