Video: Ghanaian l£sbians organize a lavish secret s£x party in Accra

The Parliament of Ghana has not approved the LGBT rights and it does not appear to be a talk on the table now, meaning, it is illegal to practice these so called humanistic agendas here in Ghana. In fact, the law frowns on and prohibit such activities.

But that does not deter some l£sbians in Ghana, their association appears to be unfazed by the laws. They have held a private s£x party in an undisclosed location in Accra.

In a video shared from the party, the lezbians are seen r0mancing and l!ckking each other with no regard to the coronavirus measures.

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From a close observation, it appears some of the ladies were on some hard drugs which were controlling their actions.

Its a pathetic sight to behold. There were dozens of women in the room as they ‘pleasure’ each other with no regard for what lies ahead.

Due to our site policies the video can’t be posted here but you can CLICK HERE to watch the video.

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