Video: Fruit seller who was caught washing mangoes in dirty gutter water has been arrested

Earlier we reported a case where a fruit seller was caught on camera washing mangoes in a pool of dirty water.He has now been arrested.

In the viral video one fruit seller is seen bent over the dirty gutter water washing his mangoes in the dirty water.

Although other fruit sellers were around with their fruits in wheelbarrows but they were not caught in the act.

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Well it seems the mango seller who was caught in the act in Agungi, Nigeria, has now been arrested. In a video of his arrest, he is seen pleading to a group of men who forced him into a car.

One of the men is heard suggesting that the other fruit seller should be arrested too because they must be guilty of the same thing. But they decided to go away with only the mango seller caught in the act.

See Arrest video below:

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