Video: Coronavirus survivor donates her blood plasma to save others

The world is currently burdened with the novel coronavirus outbreak which is having devastating effects on economic and social lives. Most countries have implemented lockdowns as a means to quell the spread of the virus.

In the quest to find a solution to the global COVID-19 pandemic, scientists are trying all available avenues

Doctors believe that the antibodies in the blood produced by the immune system can be used to treat this virus.

Doctors are isolating the antibodies in the blood plasma of patients who have recovered from the coronavirus disease. With this, it is believed that the antibodies which attacked the virus can be isolated which can help others fight the disease.

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Tiffany Pickney who has recovered from the COVID-19 and blood plasma donor said, ‘‘it is overwhelming to know that, in my blood may be answers [to this pandemic].”

This technique was used successfully as a solution during the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic which claimed about 50 million lives.

According to Dr Jeffrey Henderson of Washington University, ‘’This technique is called Passive Immunization where people are made immune to a disease temporarily. This technique is used before vaccines are developed.’’

Passive immunization is the term used when antibody formed in one individual is given to another individual who is at risk of infection – the protection is temporary. 

With the wait of the development of vaccine not up for about a year, researchers now want to use antibodies extracted from the blood plasma of recovered coronavirus patients to offer a passive immunization against the new disease.

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While drugs to cure afflicted patients with the coronavirus and vaccines to prevent infection are being developed, a rapid-acting passive immunization therapy can be used as first aid for patients who are at high risk.

See video below :

High risks groups include older people around the ages of 70 or 80 and people with existing serious medical condtions.

As of 18th April, 2020, out of the the 2,265,291 confirmed cases, there has been 154,900 deaths and 581,325 recoveries according to Worldometers

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