Watch: Am disabled because of a doctor’s prescription; Mum left me at age 4 – Woman narrates

A graduate of the Accra Technical University, has revealed on SVTV Africa, that a doctor’s negligence has made her unable to walk properly.

Delali Agbosu manages to move around by combining her hands with her legs.

She disclosed that, at age four she was taken to the hospital for treatment after falling sick.

According to her a doctor who was attending to her, used a wrong medication to inject her, leading to her inability to walk.

She disclosed that she has not set her eyes on her mother after she left home because of her situation.

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she has attained a Diploma certificate in Secretariat and Management at Accra Technical University.

However, Delali’s disability has denied her job opportunities because of her condition.

“I have applied for many jobs, but all to no avail. One day, an employer told me, many jobs won’t employ me because of my situation. He told me the secretariat and management job is now more field-oriented ,” she said.

With another certificate in journalism, Delali is passionate about news presenting, a dream she can’t wait fulfil. According to her, she was compelled to take a short course in Journalism following her inability to gain employment.

Although she has received help from Crime Check Foundation, she is in need of help to cope with life.She believes she has what it takes to merit employment when given the chance.

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