Video: Alleged Fake Documents Of Ibrah One’s G-Wagon Surface Online

After Kennedy Agyapong threatened to arrest Ibrah One, things are really getting messy as a fake document of Ibrah’s G-Wagon has popped up.

Ibrah in a post via his Snapchat attacked the Member of parliament, calling him out for laundering money. Ibrah, in one of his posts, said Kennedy’s head is like bitter cola.

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In response to Ibrah One’s attacks, Kennedy Agyapong on the ‘Hot Seat’ show on Net2 TV descended on the young street millionaire.

Kennedy Agyapong exposed Ibrah One and also threatened to get him arrested in the next 24 hours for his alleged money laundering activities.

In the wake of the feud between the two, a video spotted online shows the alleged fake documents, Ibrah One made to dodge duties for his expensive G-Wagon, which was brought to light by some females per the voices at the background of the video.

Watch video of the documents below:

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