Video: 16 years old girl who is a mother of 4 kids wh!pped merc!lessly in public after she was caught ch€ating with another man

A 16-year-old girl with 4 kids has been disc!plined accordingly by elders in her village after she allegedly ch€ated on her husband with another man.

According to a report on Twitter, the 16-year-old is a mother of 4 already but the father of the kids does not take care of them so she got married to another man who takes of her and the children.

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But that seems not to be enough for the mother of four as she went about to sl€€p with another guy. She even spent some nights at the new boyfriend’s house.

The sad part is that she is now pregnant for the new boyfriend.

The girl started f!ghting the husband who has been taking care of the four kids in public after he reported the issue to the village elders.

So, I happened to witness a 16 year old who already has 4 children for another man entirely but the present husband is the one taking Care of the the kids.She got involved with another guy again who got her pregnant, sl€pt at his house over night.the husband found out and they

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Brought the issue to the community leader. This girl started f!ghting the husband who has been taking care of 4 kinds that aren’t his for years. This girl is just 16 ffs and she is expecting her 5th child. $çum has no gender

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