Video: 14-year-old girl bravely f!ghts off robbers with machete as she defends mum; amazes social media users

14- year-old girl bravely fights off robbers with machete as she defends mum.

A teenage girl has been seen in a video defending her mum after a robber tried to invade her mother’s shop.

In the video, the young girl used a machete to fight an armed robber who wanted to steal their belongings.

This awful incident happened on Thursday, February 4, in the neighborhood of Rafael Uribe Uribe in Bogota, capital city of Colombia.

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From the CCTV footage the woman and her two daughters – aged two and 14 – were inside the shop at 4am, when a biker stopped by a stationery shop, attempting force entry.

The fearless teenage girl warned the robber to back off else she will [email protected] him with a machete.

Watch the video below;

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Meanwhile, alleged Yahoo Boys cause massive traffic in a middle of the road as they throw money in the air in Benin.

It can be described as youth of today want to live some flamboyant lifestyle but some don’t want to work hard for it. Some want to use the fastest and ‘easiest’ route to make money and by doing so they fail to think about the consequences.

Well, some young men alleged to be ”Yahoo boys” have been captured on social media spraying money in the air for people to catch it.

In the video, the men stopped their vehicles in the middle of the road to spray money and people gathered to have their share, causing tension and traffic on…continue

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