University Student Hangs Himself To Death Due To Excessive Hunger

A University student in Kenya has committed suicide by hanging himself due to excessive hunger.

The student [name withheld] is a final year student of KISII University in Kenya. His death has sparked outrage on social media with him being the 3rd student in a week to have committed suicide in Africa.

Details gathered by Ghnewsbag indicates that he showed no sign of depression which could have lead to suicide.

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According to his comrade who witnessed the scene, the deceased left a suicide note in his pocket. In the note, he hinted at being neglected by his family; probably financially as he also complained of sleeping for nights without food.

Meanwhile, his hunger and other allegations are yet to be ascertained by the school authorities or any family member.

One of the Facebook Group “KISII UNIVERSITY COMRADES FORUM” has expressed their condolences by posting his pictures and encouraging comrades who might be in the same situation to speak out and seek alternative help.

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